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Pill from an anxiety

I am a very beginning diver. I went down, probably, seven times, feeling nervous, insecure, and not enjoying the beauty of the underwater kingdom. Together with it, I love diving as a sport and admire people who are very comfortable in the water, surrounded by fish and with the regulator in the mouth. 

Knowing that you can understand my excitement when in the local shop, I found a book written by legendary JILL HEINERTH, "Into the planet." 

This (suppose to be plain) autobiographic book reads like a thriller. It tells you an incredible story about a Canadian lady, that (absolutely) deserves the prefix "super" for her work as a cave diver and underwater explorer. Reading it, I started dreaming of going deep and somehow forgot about my anxiety.

Interestingly enough, this book is not just about diving, and I think that's why she hooked me. It is about being a woman in the man's territory, inequality, about being alone on the top of the fame, about how magnificent and under-explored our planet is and how small we are. Don't miss it!

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