Alya Michelson  is a Russian born journalist, philanthropist and musician. Over the course of her multifaceted career, she has worked as a "Vesti FM" national news anchor,  RIA Novosti (presently Russia Today) special correspondent, has contributed articles to variety of independent national newspapers, radio and television stations.  She also worked as a press secretary, and performed media relations for the Party United Russia.   Alya interviewed hundreds of high-level Russian officials, covering business, politics, and military stories. The Russian Minister of Defense honored Alya for contributions to the development of the Russian Armed Forces through her work as a military journalist. 

Now residing in Los Angeles, CA, Alya Michelson dedicates most of her time to her family and expresses her longtime passion for the arts through an experimental music project whose inaugural music album is currently under production by American producer David J. Holman.

Alya helps her husband, retired spine surgeon and philanthropist Gary K. Michelson manage family charitable organizations. 

Her philanthropic interests include education, arts, medical research, and animals. She is fluent in Russian, English, Japanese, and Ukrainian. Alya holds BA degree in Journalism and Master's degree  in Economics.